Wednesday, 8 June 2016

I Really Wanted Car Window Tint

When I purchased my new 4x4 last month, I was hoping to get one that had car window tinting Austin already included. However, things did not work out that way. You see, when it comes to buying anything, I am usually far too picky. I knew that I wanted a 4x4, but it had to be a pickup. Then it had to have decent sized rear seating, and a GPS system. This latter point kind of limited the number of used models available. Still, living in a big city it should not have been a problem. That was until I decided that it needed to be a Nissan, in gold, and have tinted windows.

Why gold? Well, I like to stand out from everyone else, and cars that are silver, gray, red and blue are very common. I like my vehicle to stand out clearly in a car park. So, although I could find many vehicles with the specs that I was looking for, the color reduced the number of selections to close to none. It was only when a dealer phoned me and said that he had found one that I made a purchase, the only thing missing was the tinted windows.

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